Learn to record music by playing the game!

A child’s first encounters with music should be playful, meaningful, and motivating. Our games are designed for four to ten-year-olds to gain music appreciation by immersing them in a world of music as they build and arrange songs. Our team has over 40 years of experience designing and refining games for children in early childhood classrooms. We have seen first hand how children learn when they are given the space and freedom to experiment at their own pace, follow their interests, and create their own experience.

Today, learning takes place in and out of the classroom and gaming environments are quickly proving to be viable places to acquire new skills. We invite you to step into My Music Studio to play around with sounds and music, to experience instruments from around the world, and to learn the fundamentals of multitrack recording.

Real Music Software

Learn to use an Audio Workstation just like in a professional music studio!


Visit Studio Island!

Explore the Studio Island to learn about over 50 instruments and meet the musical friends who live there. Play at your own pace. And when you're done, take your song onto the concert stage to play along with DJ Ridonkeylous!!


Record Your Hit Song!

Arrange and rearrange 50 Musicians in this open-ended, musical puzzle. Add sound effects, sing along on the mic, play around on the keyboard, create endless combinations and patterns for your song. No prior musical ability necessary. Just jump right in. You'll be jamming in no time!!